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2020 Pre-IPNC Dinner with Spatzle and Speck

2020 Pre-IPNC Dinner with Spatzle and Speck
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On Thursday, July 23rd, we’ll welcome a small group of guests at our vineyard for our third pre-IPNC dinner, this time with Spatzle and Speck preparing our meal.  The founders of Spatzle and Speck, Karl and Alex, are brothers who set out on this path in search of good food with a dream of growing and raising safe,  healthy, honest to feed themselves and their community.  They started out on a small mountain side farm in West Salem, OR, where they began their journey and dreams of planting, growing, raising, harvesting, butchering, preparing, curing, foraging, and serving that safe, healthy, honest food to the community.  With a few years of experience under their belt, we moved the farm to Mulino, OR, where the fertile land is helping our produce and animals thrive.  This special evening will begin with a cocktail hour reception, starting at 6 pm, followed by a multi-course meal paired with our wines.  45 seats available, more than halfway sold out!