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Fall + Winter Webinar Set

Fall + Winter Webinar Set
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Whether you join us for all, or any, of the webinars, or you just want to stock up on a stand-out mixed case of wines for the winter season, this set will see you through the winter!  Included will be one each of:

Cuvee for a Cause 2017, Pinot Noir, Magnum

Bon Vivant 2018, Chardonnay, Magnum

Extra Brut 2017, Magnum

La Belle Promenade 2017, Pinot Noir

La Belle Promenade 2018, Chardonnay

Flanerie 2016, Pinot Noir

Flanerie 2017, Pinot Noir

Bon Vivant 2018, Pinot Noir

Bon Vivant 2018, Chardonnay

Cuvee Constantin 2017, Chardonnay

Cuvee Constantin 2017, Pinot Noir

Extra Brut 2017